Give us the space and we will create an extraordinary scene of it

Furniture & Finishing

What we plan Frank Baum and his Team realizing it. Since15 years. A good and complementary partnership, which doesn’t exist that often

Light & Ambience

Furniture and rooms designed by us are equipped with LED-technology by Andreas Schulz. This makes them a special highlight.

Walls & Effect

If we have to finish and improve walls, we ask Frank Reuter. His advice persuades us as well as the work of his team.

Light & Lamps

She is the expert in matters of light and illumination: Elham Mohtashemolsharieh of ars vivendi Kassel. Very nice lamps and a 1A consultation.

Pictures & Displays

Volker Lewe and Tim Rohrbach are our partners in the range of LED displays. They live for their profession. This is always acknowledged by their work.

Chairs & Sofas

Who has the most beautiful chairs and sofas in the program? Matthias Göbel! He advises us in all matters relating to sitting, resting and lying.

Stairs & Steps

Jan Göhler is a real team player. We appreciate his creativity and his enthusiasm when he builds individual, fancy stairs.

Build & Renovate

The construction company of Kai Ullrich is our partner in all constructional issues, whether new construction or smaller measures such as renovations.

Glass & Facade

dallwig convinces in the consultative and technical competence. Our partner in the area of glazing and facade construction.

Windows & doors

Already in the third generation stand the brothers Dr. Frank and Gerd Walter for the reliable and proven quality of Walter Fenster + Türen.

House & yard

Eichholz Immobilien is the partner of our trust in all spatial matters, whether house or apartment, for many years.